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Language Groups

Experience Different Cultures, Get Immersed and Practice Languages in Language Exchange Groups

Find a Language Exchange Group that suits your needs at the Courses Forest online community and practice your second language with native speakers and other people who are learning your language.

Language exchange activities are structured to ensure all areas of language acquisition are exercised, such as vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension.

People attending Language Exchange Groups confirm that this is a fundamental part when it comes to practising foreing languages, beyond lessons and classroom courses, providing also a complete cultural immersion, bridging the gap between classroom learning and communicating in the real world!

So, jump in! Find a Language Exchange Group or create your own!



Recently Created Language Exchange Groups

* We recommend contacting the coordinator of a group before attending in case of any changes *

* If you are hosting a Language Exchange Group in Meetup.com and you wish to include / publish your meetups for free in Courses Forest, please contact us *

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