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FAQs – Schools

Courses Forest for Language Schools brings together students with schools and learning centres. It is completely free for students to use and schools only pay for their listings, without any lead or contact-related costs.

In Courses Forest, Schools are listed and are able to exhibit, manage and update full business profiles. Prospective students can send an enquiry form, download a brochure, view the phone number, send an email and click through to a school’s website.  Would you like to learn more about how Courses Forest can help you achieve your recruitment goals?

Please contact us for the price list and additional information.

Please use the “Add Listing” link at the top of the home page or simply contact us. Please note that you will find the “Add Listing” button link once you Sign Up and Log In. This is because at Courses Forest the safety and security of the platform and its users are our first priority, and we need to ensure that only legitimate users create and publish reliable and true listings.

No, listings never expire as long as the Listing Plan chosen is still valid and paid for.

Since the launch of Courses Forest, students from over 100 countries have used the site to find their perfect language school. For up-to-date information about site traffic and student locations please contact us.

You can log in as a school the same email and password that you use to access. If you have forgotten your password there is a link from the log in screen that allows you to reset it. From here, use  the ‘Dashboard’ link to view your school(s). All of your school locations will be visible in the left column and you can edit each individual location by clicking on the individual fields (e.g. street name, phone number etc.) If you log in successfully but cannot see any schools on your dashboard then please contact us.

Go to Courses Forest, click “Log in” and then click the link “I’ve forgotten my Password”. You will then be emailed a link allowing you to reset it.

First of all, our marketing and search engine optimization are such that only students making relevant searches will be brought onto the site. For example, a student in Brazil searching for “escola de idiomas em nova york” (language school in new york city) will see Courses Forest in their results; Students searching for “learn english for free”, will not.

Additionally, language schools can report any quote request that they feel may not be genuine with a single click. Courses Forest will investigate and where appropriate take action (e.g. refund school and block user).

We know that using agents to follow up leads helps increase the conversion rate from leads to students. To facilitate this we have built some functionality into your School Admin Dashboard:

  • You can group student enquires by nationality for easy forwarding to agents or regional recruiters
  • You can forward individual student enquiries
  • You can export all quotes as CSV files for easy importing into Enrollment Management Software and other systems

Courses Forest will deliver you high quality leads at extremely competitive rates.

No other site allows students to read student-reviews, research schools without being bombarded with irrelevant ads and has the variety and quantity of schools that Courses Forest has. This is because no other site has been designed with the students’ experience as the priority.

Courses Forest will rank very highly in search result for students searching for language courses online. This means that you can save money on your own online advertising campaigns by maintaining good visibility within the platform.

The company behind Courses Forest, North Quay Technologies, has a long experience in developing Artificial Intelligence platforms, and has managed a number of successful online portals since the early 1990s.

Not convinced? Contact us and we will give you a site tour so that you can judge the quality of the leads for yourself.

Courses Forest will be actively marketed in all major source countries of international language students. Advertising campaigns will be run in those countries, in local languages and leading to translated versions of the site.

Courses Forest is marketed using a number of online channels. Some of the online channels used are: SEO, SEM, social media, partnerships, trusted 3rd party websites and being an active member of the online international student community.

Past and current students can leave reviews directly from the Reviews tab of your school’s profile. Simply send the url of your school’s profile to your alumni and current students and they can post reviews with a single click. Some great ways to encourage your alumni include:

  • Share your profile url via your school’s Facebook page and ask for reviews
  • Ask alumni who may now work at or with your school
  • Include in the feedback forms given to graduating students
  • Email past alumni

Past and current students can leave reviews directly from the Reviews tab of your school’s profile. Simply send the url of your school’s profile to your alumni and current students and they can post reviews with a single click. Some great ways to encourage your alumni include:

The Review Tool helps you get the most from your reviews by displaying them not only on CourseFinders but also on any other site that the widget is placed. Students can also write reviews directly from the widget.

The widgets are self-updating so will always show the most recent reviews. They will also show the most relevant reviews to the viewer. The widget can tell by a visitors’ ip address where they are located and if a visitor is in South Korea the widget will show the reviews by other South Korean students first.

You can get the widget by logging in, visiting your dashboard and clicking on the Get Review Tool button.

Every time a new review is left, all school admins receive a notification email containing the entire review as well as 2 options: Reply and Report.

Replies are displayed publically directly underneath the review. This provides a public forum to address any issues and is the best way to deal with any less than positive reviews. Students are more interested in how complaints are dealt with than the subject of the complaint itself.

If you believe a review was not genuine (i.e. the student is not a genuine alumni of your school) you can report the review. It will be immediately hidden from your profile while we investigate. We do not allow the reporting of reviews simply because they are not favourable to your school. The only reason a review will be permanently removed from your profile is if it is not genuine or truthful.

The default setting is “most helpful”. This is a combination of profile completeness, number of reviews and the nationality of the reviewers relative to the nationality of the student viewing the profile (e.g. if your school’s reviews are mainly by Chinese students then your school will appear higher in the search results to users in China).

Students may select to order search results in two other ways:

  • Most Recently Reviewed
  • Most Recently Updated

If you want to ensure your school is at the top of search results then ensure:

  • Your profile is 100% complete
  • You have as many reviews as possible
  • You have recent reviews
  • You have reviews from a diverse range of students
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